Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Bicycle Eating Machine Day 28

Let's see--we rode 111 miles today, with lots of hills, into a strong wind.....hmmm......what am I forgetting?......Oh yes, it rained alot as well! Despite all that it was FUN--in a cross country CHALLENGE sort of way. We're in Topeka tonight, the state capitol.
All the riders were happy to finally reach the hotel, I'm sure. Eastern Kansas is beautiful, and very green this year. The locals all tell us that this has been an incredible year for rain.
And we all agree that the roads in Kansas have been excellent, for the most part. That's something Kansans can brag about to their "bumpy roaded" Colorado neighbors. But with record consecutive days of headwinds, I don't think my fellow riders will be sorry to cross the Missouri River and enter a new state tomorrow.
I rode with Mike awhile early today, then with Christine (of the AbB bike staff), and then I rode the last 35 miles with Brian. We laughed about the awful weather, and about how much fun we were having! When I saw the "structure" shown above, I first thought it might be a "horse sculpture" (as we were over half a mile away). Riding closer, I saw a sculpture of what can only be a "bicycle eating machine". With the day we were experiencing, I knew I had to capture this contraption for this website. If you "double click" on the photo, you'll see that a bicycle is being "devoured". And there are parts of (apparently recently "digested") bicycles at the foot of the sculpture. I wonder if anyone felt like feeding their bikes to this thing today?
I am doing very well, thank you, and am enjoying this ride immensely. After arriving at the hotel, I washed my bike (lots of road filth gets on it during and after the rain), then washed myself. We are having a very late dinner tonight, to give all the riders a chance to get in and shower. Tomorrow we will ride into Missouri, then have a third "rest day".
To all who have contributed to the LAF, I say again a big "THANK YOU"! I would love to have as many of you as possible donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, to fight cancer. Lance is an amazing inspiration, and his foundation is doing great things. To contribute, please visit
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