Sunday, June 24, 2007

Onto the Prairie Day 22

I said "Goodbye " to Carol this morning, as she drove to the Denver Airport. We both really enjoyed her visit, and I hope she and Bekki will be able to visit me when we cross the Mississippi. It was her first trip to Colorado, and she was also "wowed" by the scenery, the mountains, and the spirit of the riders.
Carol also drove one of our riders to the airport this AM. He decided to go home after he fell two days ago. He is sore, but will recover. We were sorry to see him go, and encouraged him to return, but he said he'll probably just take it easy at home. Best of Luck!
Today we rode 121 miles onto the prairie, where we'll be until we reach the hills of eastern Kansas and Missouri. We saw dozens of Prairie Dogs in the countryside outside Pueblo. Tonight we are staying in Lamar, Colorado, and we have another 100 plus mile ride tomorrow. It's amazing how strong all the riders are becoming--no one complained about the mileage, though there are some sore joints and butts!
Our terrain was much flatter, but as we continue to follow the Arkansas River, most of the fields around us are irrigated. Corn, grasses and cereals are growing everywhere, and we passed two "feed lots", the second one with thousands of cattle and the associated smells!
Above are pictured Bob and Wayne. I stopped to take of photo of this interesting sign, when these two guys decided to see if people would ignore it. Despite the flashing of (very pale) flesh, no one stopped to pick up them up. I guess they looked too dangerous--or something!
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