Monday, June 18, 2007

Welcome to Colorado Day 16

Add another large western state to our list, as we entered Colorado after about 71 miles into our 96 mile ride today. We're staying at Grand Junction, where the Gunnison River joins the Colorado River.

Pictured, right to left, are my "riding mates" Andrew, Wayne and Bob. On my right (left in the photo), is Steve, who normally rides well ahead, but who was with us as we entered the state. BTW, Steve is a very fast, competitive rider. Yet I did have a moment of glory today, shortly before this photo was taken. Steve was about 200 yards ahead of me, when we came to a fairly steep descent. As I pedalled hard and "tucked", I quickly caught and passed him, travelling at about 45 mph. I called over "Hey, I thought you were supposed to be FAST". He grinned back, and before he could "drop me" on the next hill we arrived at this sign! Ah, one has to savor the moments where one can.

Steve has ridden across the country several times, and he's riding this time until Pueblo. For Andrew, Wayne, Bob and me, this is a first time cross country ride. While we ride with many different people every day, the four of us have spent lots of "road time" together, mostly because we agreed on the first or second day that we wanted to really experience the country, take lots of photos, see the sights and the people, and not just ride fast from one hotel to the next. All three are strong riders. We have lots of laughs every day, and help each other if one of us is tired, etc. Gerard, the AbB mechanic has dubbed us "Team Stops Alot"!

For those who want more info re: this ride, here are the webpages for Andrew's, Bob's and Wayne's blogs. Like me, all three men are riding to raise money for a charity. Andrew's blog is "wicked funny" (he's English, don't you know); Bob's blog has the most photos (I haven't been able to get him to delete the uncomplimentary shots!); and Wayne's blog is more inspirational. There are other blogs as well, and the folks who are more computer savvy than I know how to "link" them.

Andrew's is at:

Bob's is at:

Wayne's is at:

Tomorrow we start climbing up and over the Colorado Rockies, and after 4 days in the high mountains, we'll arrive In Pueblo, for a second rest day.

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