Saturday, June 23, 2007

Relaxing in Pueblo, CO Day 21

On our second "rest day" of the trip, we did the usual--cleaned the bike, washed laundry, ran errands, etc... Having Carol and the rent-a-car was great, as a group of us went to the bike shop, Walmart, a computer store, and out to lunch. After a brief nap, Carol and I saw "Ocean's Thirteen", my first movie in three weeks!

Every evening at a new hotel, the AbB staff puts up this map of the US, and adds in black marker the distance we travelled that day. We are now in eastern Colorado, having travelled 1461 miles (mileage varies depending on side trips, missed turns (it happens to all of us, occasionally), and other variables, so I list the miles I have travelled). It's really amazing to realize that we've travelled over 1/3rd of our route.

We have about 121 miles tomorrow, and have to "load up" at 5:30 AM. I will be sad to see Carol leave (flying home from Denver), but we hope that she and Bekki will be able to join me for a few days as we cross from Missouri into Illinois over July 4th.

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