Friday, June 15, 2007

Salt Lake City Day 12

Everyone enjoyed a rest day after our first 11 days riding. We said "Goodbye" to 7 riders, who planned only to ride from San Francisco to SLC--they were all strong riders, and each was able to give a short speech at dinner last night. There were lots of laughs, and we'll miss those guys. Some may meet up with us when we get further east (near their homes) to say "Hello".

Most folks washed their bikes, and clothes, then went into the town. One fellow, Phillipe, bought a new bike! Several of us toured the city, esp. Temple Square, where the Mormon Tabernacle (open to everyone) and the Mormon Temple (reserved for members of the Church of Latter Day Saints) are located. The temple took about 40 years to build, and is located next to Brigham Young's home. Young assumed leadership of the Mormon church after the death of founder Joseph Smith, Jr., and he founded Salt Lake City in ~ 1847. He also facillitated much of the construction of the Union and Central Pacific Railroads through Utah.

Pictured is the Mormon Temple, looking at the main entrance on the East side. Apparently there are several weddings each weekday at the Temple, as members of the LDS wish to be married there. We saw at least 3 different wedding parties (all with brides dressed in white) having their photos taken in front of the church. Howie took this photo--please note the bride and groom on the far side of the pool, posing for their photographer.

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