Sunday, July 1, 2007

Toto, We're not in Kansas anymore Day 29

We arrived at the Missouri River after riding about 56 miles of our 88 mile route today. After 7 days of nonstop headwinds, few were sorry to try our luck in another state. At the sign midway on the bridge over the river that said "You are leaving Kansas", one rider had his picture taken while "saluting" the sign "goodbye and good riddance". I enjoyed Kansas, but I hope the wind will shift in our favor--I think we're overdue...........
The sign, lower photo, appeared a few moments later, welcoming us to the "Show Me" state. Pictured, L to R, are Bob, me, Andrew and Wayne. I had to lean on the sign to try to straighten it, as Wayne and Andrew were tilting it toward the road!

We then got our first taste of Missouri Hills, after we left the flatlands by the river. We'll be doing alot of ups and downs in the next few days, as you can see on the photo at the top. Again, the picture tends to "flatten out" the hills, but it took a little while to climb each of the "bumps" you see (double click on the pictures).
The last few miles into St. Joseph, Missouri, were enjoyable. We'll be staying here the next two nights, where the Pony Express was founded (carrying mail to California, starting in 1860, it only lasted about 18 months!), and where Jesse James was shot and killed by one of his gang members.

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I cannot wait to see all the pictures you have taken.