Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's an Erie Feeling Day 43

If you double click on the top photo, you can see how far we've come! Carol and Bekki drove from Gettysburg (about 5 hours) to visit, and it's great to see them! Bekki's pointing to Erie, PA, where we're staying tonight and tomorrow.
Our 97 mile bike ride took us almost due north from Youngstown, Ohio, for the first 70 miles. The terrain flattened, though a few hills remained. When we reached the town of Conneaut, Ohio, we had lunch at an old fashioned outdoor "drive in", where Phillipe, Rick, and David posed with me. Root beer floats were the specialty, and Rick's was huge! All the riders seemed to enjoy it, and dozens of "locals" came there for lunch as well.
Shortly after leaving the drive in, we entered Pennsylvania (our 10th state). Rick is obviously thinking about that root beer float, and considering going back for another one!
We then rode another 25 miles to reach the city of Erie, which developed as a major port in the eastern United States. After dinner, where everyone got to meet Bekki, we walked about 12 blocks to the lake and played "tourist" for awhile. Tomorrow should be fun--it's our last "rest day", before our final 8 day ride to the Atlantic Ocean. After riding over 400 miles in the last four days, the riders are welcoming a day off the bike.


kshaw said...

Doc Dave. Actually I am adding something from an earlier post. You never said you would have a blog, so I couldn't keep track of your trip. John told me to look in the health & fitness section of the times today (16th) He said there was someone there I new. I really enjoyed the article. Now I am just going back in your blog, trying to catch up. I guess you will be ready for a Kilwin's Icecream when you come back to town.

Dave's Cross Country Bike Ride said...

Hi Karen

Glad you're following the ride. I hope you enjoy the blog. We've eaten our fair share of ice cream this trip!