Monday, July 2, 2007

Look how far we've come Day 30

Pictured with me are, left to right, Erin, Howie and Arlene. Brian took this photo this morning at 9:30. I had to wait until the late sleeper got out of bed (no hints, but was it any of the people in their 40's or 60's--No!).
I submitted an article today to the Gettysburg Times (my hometown newspaper), which will run in the Health and Fitness section in two weeks, on Monday, July 16th. The Healthy Adams Bicycle/Pedestrian Inc. (HABPI) Board (of which I'm a member) asked me to write an article about this cross country bike ride. I decided to focus on some of my fellow riders, and the amazing things they've accomplished. There's a paragraph each on Arlene, Howie, and Erin. Since not everyone who reads this blog will get the Gburg Times, I may post the article here as well, if there is interest (Please note that I welcome constructive comments every day, at the end of the posts).
As you can see in the photo, we're past the halfway point of our journey. I've ridden about 2,150 miles, and have perhaps only 1700 to 1800 miles to go. Only 22 days remain after today. All cyclists are enjoying a well deserved "rest day". Activities include washing bikes, doing laundry, getting haircuts, catching up on correspondence, naps, etc.....
In checking out the Lance Armstrong Foundation website, I see that we've had some very generous donations. The total raised is over $4,000, and I think that's great! We've had 6 people, who between them, have given $2000! Fantastic!
However (you knew there'd be a "however", didn't you?), only about 35 individuals or families have donated, to date. I purposefully did not ask for contributions before the ride, because I think my riding is an important part of the fund raising process. I didn't want to solicit money, and then get ill or injured and be unable to do the ride.
And I think that writing this blog has actually helped my riding. It has kept me focused and positive! There has not been a single day where I didn't want to ride, or where I felt this was "too hard". Knowing that I'm helping raise money for a great cause, and telling about my experiences (and the fun we're having) have been great motivations for me. So please help, if you can, with a tax deductible donation (of any amount) to the LAF. The website is:
OK, unlike the PBS stations, I won't keep asking for money everyday! Thanks for your support, and please contact me either via the comments section (see below) or at
We're looking forward to crossing hot and hilly northern Missouri over the next few days. Several cyclists repeatedly expressed a desire to get out of Kansas (and the constant headwinds). We'll see whether they "needed to be careful what they wished for".....
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Wow that was a moving blog. I am sure everyday is sometimes hard, but having a motivation keeps you going. It was great talking to you. You sound upbeat and cheerful.
Enjoy the next couple of days..looking at the pic of how far you have come seems unreal. It makes it seem like the US isn't all that big.
Miss ya doc

Steph said...

Hey Dave! This is Stephanie Adkins (Lisa's daughter). Aunt Pat was showing me your blog when we visited for the "4th of July" ... in June picnic. I read the whole thing in her dinning room the other day. Just wanted to say that what you are doing sounds pretty awesome and you seem to be having a really great time. Good luck on the rest of your adventure!


Jaimason said...

You have gone a long way!!!! It was great talking to you yesterday!! We all miss you, and can't wait to see you!