Thursday, July 5, 2007

Across the Mighty Mississipi Day 33

Now don't get the wrong idea! We left Missouri today, and I just wanted to show you what navigating on "back roads" in northern Missouri was like. Every county that we rode through has "lettered" roads, with names like "B", "BB", "C", "R", "V" and just about every other letter. Two days ago we turned off "F" road, taking a right turn onto "U" road. For some reason, one of the riders took a picture of the intersection, and thought I should post it. Not sure what the big deal is..........
After 70 miles of Missouri hills, we reached the Mississippi River, and took a ferry across it. We shared the ferry with tractor trailers, which were apparently taking harvested wheat to the Illinois side. Pictured is California Mike (to be distinguished from Texas Mike), with a semi on his right, and Illinois behind him.
After reaching Illinois (we are in the Midwest, but also in the East now!), we rode another 25 plus miles. First we headed five miles east, still on the "flood plain", then about 15 miles south, at the eastern edge of the "flood plain". During that time, we saw more corn than I've ever seen at one time (and I've cycled almost all the back roads of Adams County). Miles and miles of corn (with occasional soy beans) were growing. The third photo was taken from the porch of a farm house, looking west toward the river several miles away. Corn everywhere!
When we reached the town of Quincy, we rode through it along lovely streets with well maintained homes and yards. We're at the east edge of Quincy tonight, and after riding 97 miles today, we have 100 plus mile rides scheduled the next two days!

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