Monday, July 16, 2007

Resting in Erie Day 44

We enjoyed a day off the bikes in Erie, PA today. Carol, Bekki and I were able to walk down to the lake last night and climb a fairly high observation tower (on the elevator). Behind them is Presque Isle, a peninsula that forms and protects Presque Bay, which is responsible for the location of the town of Erie. The peninsula hosts the largest state park in PA, with many miles of beaches and 3.5 million visitors a year. Lake Erie can be seen behind the "isle".
The second photo shows the town of Erie as seen from the tower. At its largest, the city had 400,000 people. It's population now is perhaps 140,000 (or less). Here's hoping the city's turn around goes well.
We ran errands today, with Pete and brothers Tim and Jeff. Trips to Walmart and the bike shop were made. I also did the obligatory bike cleaning (a thorough job this time). At least the trip to the laundromat was more fun, with the help I had! I was sorry to see my ladies go, but they had to return to Gettysburg this evening. I love you two, and thanks for the visit!
We start our last stage of the Cross Country Challenge tomorrow, riding eight more days across New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. It's also one of the last times for me to say a few words about the Lance Armstrong Foundation, for whom I'm riding. Money donated to the foundation not only goes to research and treatment, but also is used to help people make decisions re: treatment, and for support for cancer patients and their loved ones.
If you'd like to make a tax deductible donation, please visit my web page at
To all of you who have donated, I say "Thanks Again"! It's been great riding across the country, and I'm looking forward to this next week.

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